TCS 640

Plant Configurations

Plant Configurations

The possible plant configurations of a system articulated in this manner are numerous and difficult to describe in a few words; typically the TCS640 system is applied to the remote control of IS power systems not equipped with on-board machine diagnostics.

TCS 640 Station cabinet Sentry box cabinet
Typical dimensions (W x D x H) mm 600 x 500 x 1214 595 x 340 x 360
Supply voltage (Vac - 50 Hz) 150 / 220 150 / 220
Power consumption (VA max) 150 60
Work Temperature - 25 / + 70 °C - 25 / + 70 °C
Master Card Capable of interfacing up to 16 slave cards, up to 32 of each type with the expansion of the bus. Serial connection with USTD data concentrator.
Slave Acquisition Card ON / OFF 16 input channels with optocoupler
Slave card measurements 32 acquisition channels in dc/ac voltage, more than 3 acquisition channels in frequency
Slave card commands 8 channels of relay output
Modem Transmission unit in the phonic band with isolation and recovery of the signal PCM, SDH, fiber optic transmission interfaces.
TCS640: configurazioni impiantistiche
USTD Station Cabinet Sentry Box Cabinet
Dimensions 19” rack (integrated inside the station cabinet of the TCS640) USTD cards inserted directly into the TCS640 sentry box cabinet
Supply voltage (Vac - 50 Hz) 150 / 220 150 / 220
Absorbed power (VA max) 60 60
Work Temperature - 25 / + 70 °C - 25 / + 70 °C
CPU card Can manage:
up to 8 RS232 serials;
up to 2 analog transmission units (modems) on a dedicated telephone line;
up to 2 Ethernet ports for connection with digital communication interfaces (G.SHDSL, SDH etc.)

Routing management of the telephone line (analog or G.SHDSL) to Ethernet.

Serial numbers available for interfacing with diagnostic systems 8 (of which 4 are RS232-RS485 configurable) 4 (of which 2 are RS232-RS485 configurable)
Number of transmission units present 2 (analog and / or G.SHDSL digital) 1 (analog or G.SHDSL digita)