TCS 640

Functional Features

Functional Features

Central level

TCS640: Livello centrale, Cabinet TCS-USTD da stazione

At the central level, the UCFD (Central unit for collecting and filtering data) system is used to monitor the data transmission network and to store the information from the periphery. The UCFD is connected to a network (LAN or WAN) with the servers and the monitoring stations on which the application programs for the various diagnostic systems are installed. The UCFD server receives requests from the monitoring stations, the routes in the data networks to USTD concentrators and provides the data collected from the peripheral equipment to the application programs.

The transmission protocol ensures a high degree of reliability thanks to specific design criteria for the protection of messages exchanged between the central place and satellite places. The data is transmitted using the available infrastructures: via modem on copper with phonic or digital modems (G.SHDSL), on fiber optics, or via PCM channels or SDH streams, etc... The quality of the transmission medium is constantly monitored and the reconfiguration of the data network is managed automatically in case of failure.

The central place operates the polling of the peripheral places and stores messages associated with the incoming information, highlighting the status of the plants on the monitor of the control stations. The software applications, developed on commercial or proprietary SCADA platforms, facilitate the task of operators through clear and intuitive interfaces, ensuring high reliability of status and alarm management.

The historical record of the events acquired, as well as the parameters measured by the satellite places, the changes in the status of the monitored equipment and any alarm messages can be easily stored in electronic form or, if necessary, printed.

Where it is possible to access the central place, with the required security, through a corporate intranet or directly via the Internet, data visualization can be managed using a common browser on any device (PC, laptop, PDA, tablet, etc.), without the need to install additional software, but by providing on a central level a SCADA web server (possibly distinct from existing servers). In this way, maintenance operators can access all the information that the system provides from anywhere.

Peripheral level

Livello periferico

At the peripheral level, in the stations, service places and in the sentry boxes, there is a USTD (Data Transmission Satellite Unit) data concentrator that collects data from the diagnostic subsystems (RCE, TCS640, etc.) via serial interfaces (RS232-RS485).

The USTD concentrator USTD data transmission equipment (digital or analog modems, SDH-Ethernet converters, fiber optic modem), which allows communication with the central unit and carries out constant monitoring of the status of the transmission vectors. The USTD system is able to manage a wide range of diagnostic subsystems for which we refer to the specific-publications. We will briefly describe only the TCS640 system.

The remote control system and the TCS640 remote control operate from a central place to which the information retrieved from the peripheral places installed along the line flows (stations, automatic block sentry boxes, level crossing sentry boxes, etc.).; with its great flexibility, the system is able to collect information of varying nature depending on the type of railway installation with which it interfaces; in addition, it enables the execution of remote commands, the acquisition of information about digital states (ON / OFF), and it performs measurements of analog signals.

The implementation of diversified installations, depending on the needs of the customer, is very simple thanks to the modularity with which the hardware architecture of the system was designed. It can be integrated in the USTD network or it is possible to create standalone systems: in this case, the transmission data is managed directly by the central place and the TCS peripheral places via modem over a dedicated telephone line or, alternatively via various transmission media, using the appropriate communication interfaces.

Livello periferico: Cabinet TCS-USTD da garitta