The INFILL system was developed by ECM with a view to further enhancing the speed of trains thereby improving the efficiency of rail traffic management.. The product developed by ECM is practically cable free, fully maintainable from the front and with clear identification and segregation of line replaceable units (LRU). All of this makes the equipment easy to use and simple to maintain.

The main parts of the system are:

System Ecm: INFILL
  • GEN178Hz: 178Hz generator
  • TRANS-REG: Transformer regulator
  • COD420: Encoder 420
  • MISC: Mixer (optional)
  • Pre-arranged for installation of service relays
  • INFILL cabinet/rack

There is also a diagnostics system to monitor the functional status of the INFILL and its main operating parameters. This information can be transmitted via GSM-R / Ethernet thanks to a special concentrator also capable of collecting diagnostic data from the station and line cabinets.

The diagnostic INFILL-SCMT is not specific to INFILL and can also be present when there is only SCMT.

Technical specs

Power supply input 127-165 V~; 2,0 A; 50Hz
Code input (INFILL 3F) 127-165 V~; 1,0 A; 50Hz
Code output (INFILL 2F) 60-230 V~; 2,0 A; 178Hz
Code output (INFILL 3F) 60-285 V~; 3,0 A; 50/178Hz
Class I Apparatus