Onboard Subsystem

Onboard Subsystem

From a hardware point of view the ERTMS / ETCS onboard subsystem consists of equipment produced by ECM using the MTPS ® platform.

The software consists of specific ETCS level 1 or level 2 applications for the generation and management of telegrams and standard ETCS data packets.

The main components of the ERTMS/ETCS level onboard subsystem (SSB) are as follows:

1. ERTMS/ETCS KERNEL,the core of the onboard system, responsible for the processing of all significant data coming from the sensors (i.e. tacho-generator) and from the various signalling systems currently active and able to interface with main on-board equipment to ensure a correct running of the train by the driver.

Sistemi Ecm: Sotto Sistema di Bordo - ERTMS

2. Human-Machine Interface (HMI), this constitutes the interface between the driver and the on-board equipment, correct display of information and interface with the driver represent the key operational factor for this essential onboard equipment.

3. BTM and receiver antenna of the ERTMD/ETCS, represent a system capable of powering, reading and interpreting the information subsequently transferred to the kernel, coming from the Eurobalise positioned along the track.

Other subsystems that perform important functions within the ERTMS/ETCS system context are:

  • Interface modules for connection with signalling equipment for specific countries;
  • Radio equipment for communication with the train driver of the train but also for the purposes of Radio INFILL, an additional function of ERTMS/ETCS for improvement of line performance. Scope of Radio INFILL is to transmit messages from transponders in correspondence with warning signals with respect to the information points.
  • Juridical Event Recorder;
  • Specific control interfaces between the system and the train.
Il sottosistema di bordo ERTMS/ETCS è costituito, per quanto riguarda l’hardware, da una apparecchiatura sviluppata da ECM sulla piattaforma MTPS.