Even though it is easy to use the AUSIF web software is a considerably complex product, that has been designed and continuously enhanced over the years.

For simplicity the brief description below does not cover all the aspects characterizing the product and which have determined its huge success. It simply provides a succinct resume of the main characteristics and application potential of the product, with the intention of being able to capture the added value in terms of innovation, usability and performance.

All the interface functions are made available within a web environment. This design commitment means:

  • A no software is required to be installed on the Client, which becomes operative with a simple browser, even without the use of ActiveX
  • B a centralized management of updates and maintenance
  • C the software can theoretically be utilised from anywhere (obviously this aspect depends heavily on the security policy dictated by the end user)
Ausif: Software

AUSIF uses a web interface designed to be used on either a single monitor or a set of monitors (typical arrangement for a control room).

Each frame and display panel can be displayed on any monitor according to the specific needs of the end user. In this way you can represent the graphics pages on a wide screen (i.e. projected) and send the information boxes and other alarms to dedicated monitors. As a non-limiting example to you display the alarms on a large monitor and keep the tree structure pages on a smaller monitor. The idea is to provide a user-oriented architecture.

Alarm Bubbling

The tree is not just a browser for the objects under control. It is also able to provide the most important and significant alarms at the top level, which concern the objects situated at a lower level of the same tree.

Bubbling is not only about alarms but also about them being seen and acknowledged by the operators. AUSIF allows you to configure several trees, each one of which organises the resources according to various criteria.

Provision of more trees

A tree may organise the resources according to a folder structure which initially arranges them into a geographical breakdown structure. Another tree may structure the items remotely controlled according to the type of service.

Visibility of information policy

AUSIF offers an advanced and detailed management of viewing attributes for the information and remote control options. Furthermore it is also possible to assign the viewing of certain information to various categories of users.

The access privileges can be easily configured. The trees can be viewed in different ways by different users, and an elevated of customisation can be achieved. The system provides the maximum customisation not only for viewing rights but also for remote control authority.

Ausif: Software


AUSIFmap is an alternative and powerful way of exploring resources by providing a geographical approach to the installations. This vector based tool allows you to freely and easily navigate through the system. The zoom and drag function are very quick and bumpless.

Logic Editor

By means of simply dragging items taken from the library the AUSIF logic editor allows you to visually construct the functional logic which is used to remotely control the equipment.