Chronological Event Recorders

Available in several versions, ECM's Chronological Event Recorders (RCE) represent advanced technology for the railway signalling sector.

Available in several versions (from a location case to a station, from 24 up to 8000 inputs), ECM's Chronological Event Recorders (RCE) represent advanced technology for the railway signalling sector.

RCE: Registratori Cronologici di eventi

They are authentic "black boxes" that record the operation of the railway signalling equipment. The RCE uses a CPU with the latest generation of micro-processors, a removable memory card, and it performs out numerous self-diagnostic tests in real-time. The careful attention that has been given to protecting the components against overvoltage and the possibility of working either in stand-alone (with time synchronisation via GPS system) or remote controlled mode (by transmitting all data and diagnostic information to a remote central post), and the possibility of hierarchical management distributed over a wide area network, make our Chronological Event Recorder safe and reliable, at the complete service of the railway infrastructure.

IIn addition, the flexibility of the software makes it possible to carry out remote diagnostics of signalling equipment and devices, automatically managing any alarm conditions due to failures or incorrect operation.

The main features are:

  • Association of the time variable with the state of objects and changes in states (events);
  • Data recording on local storage media (RAM and Memory Card);
  • Clock – calendar management;
  • Automatic calculation of event mainetenance time;
  • Self-diagnostics.

If the RCEs are equipped with the optional modem and the Central Software Post WinRCEI, they are also able to provide:

  • Remote RCE configuration;
  • Receiving the sequence of the inherent states for each input;
  • Requesting data stored in RAM;
  • Requesting data stored in memory card;
  • Archiving and retrieval of data – diagnostic alarms;
  • Time synchronisation;
  • Centralised management of several RCEs.
Power supply 150/220 Vac, 50 Hz (for all versions excluding the 24-48 input version);
150 Vac, 50 Hz (only for the 24-48 input version)
Absorbed power 110 VA + 0.22 VA for each input (event)
Reserve battery autonomy (optional) 30 min
Data input 24, 48, 96, 144, 192, 240, 288, 336, 512 digital inputs max signal nominal current 10 mA each
Memory non volatile with capacity to store 256,000 events; FLASH Memory Card with minimum capacity 20 MB
Internal clock Controlled by precision oscillator (+/- 4 min/year)
Time even_olive through interconnection network (with modem option); through GPS receiver system ( stand alone)
Working temperature - 25 °C/+ 70 °C
Connections RS 232 serial lines, soundband reboot modem from V.22 to V.34
(l*h*p) mm
24 input version: 338x377x338
48 input version: 338x377x338
96 input version: 600x500x500
144 input version: 600x500x500
192 input version: 600x500x500
240 input version: 600x500x500
288 input version: 600x500x500
336 input version: 600x1350x500
512 input version: 600x1350x500
versions up to 8000 inputs on request