Led Signals



The LED Departure Signal is a device designed to provide auxiliary information for the drivers of trains.

SIP: Segnale indicatore di partenza a Led” è un dispositivo atto a fornire indicazioni ausiliarie per la marcia dei rotabili

In particular, the signal provides the following information in compliance with the signalling rules:

  • Main departure signal Art 51-2a:b Auxiliary indication for departure signals that are not visible from a normal stopping point.
  • Ground position light signal Art 51-2b: Auxiliary indication for common departure signal along multiple tracks when already not in use.
  • Low starting indicator Art 51-2b: Auxiliary indication for common starting signal with several tracks should it be out of use
  • Ground position light signal with departure repetition

The starting indicator is made up of:

  • Housing
  • Visor
  • Two light aspects
  • Power Supply
  • Cable connection module
  • Adjustable mechanical fixing plate

The use of an LED departure signal within a signalling system does not require any rework in the interface circuits thus allowing it to be quickly and easily installed.

Signal power supply voltage 127.5Vac – 165Vac
Nominal voltage on the signal 150Vac
Nominal power <25W
Dielectric strength > 2000V, 50Hz
Isolation resistance > 10 Mohm
Working temperature -25 ÷ 70 °C
Signal sizes

Segnali Led - Sip
Weight of the complete signal <10kg
MTBF >200.000 h
Colour emitted Lunar White standard BSI N.1376
0.33 < x< 0.420
y-0.64 x <0.15
y-0,75x > 0,05
Light intensity on the axis 100cd < 200cd