Led Signals

SBM: ground position light signal (GPLS)



Segnali LED: SBM, segnale basso luminoso di manovra

The Ground position light signal is generally used to indicate to the driver the correct formation of the shunting route by means of the proceed aspect. The implementation and characteristics of the Ground position light signal are given by sub-sections 2, 3 and 4 of art. 52 of the Signalling Regulations.

The Ground position light signal consists of three white lights arranged horizontally and vertically, and is installed on a concrete base located to the left side of the railway track.

The OFF aspect is set when two white lights arranged in a horizontal line are lit, while the PROCEED aspect is set when two white lights in a vertical line are lit.

ECM's Ground position light signal consists of a modular structure (3 optical units and a power unit), and can be interface with the existing ATP signal systems (SSC or SCMT).

System power supply voltage 135 ÷ 165 Vca
Nominal power 3 x 20 W
Dielectric strength > 2000V, 50Hz
Isolation resistance > 10 Mohm
Working temperature -25 ÷ 70 °C
Signal sizes 440 (lar) x 240 (lun) x 550 (h) mm
Weight of the complete signal Approximately 11 Kg
MTBF > 300.000 h
Colour emitted lunar white (BSI standard No. 1376)
x,y tri-chromatic co-ordinates such that:
0,330 < x < 0,420
y - 0,64 x < 0,150
y - 0,75 x > 0,050
Light intensity on the light axis ( 9' upwards and 6° trackwards) >60 cd
<145 cd