Led Signals

Level Crossing Highway



Designed to easily replace incandescent lamps currently used as level crossing highway signals at the side of the road, this level crossing signal provides information to the drivers of road traffic, about the status of the road barriers.

The level crossing highway signal uses an LED matrix designed to easily replace groups of 95V/25W 12V/20W incandescent lamps that are normally.

Segnali LED: PL Lato Strada

The LED optical units are different for the two types of lamps currently in use, the optical unit DISCOLUX 95 is used to replace 95V/25W lamps and DISCOLUX 12 is used to replacer 12V/20W lamps. The LEDs can be installed very quickly and no changes need to be made to the housing, whereas a few changes are required to the control circuits.

The signal can be supplied complete with a HC91 housing made from thermoplastic material or just the LED optical unit can be provided.

Power suppy voltage nominal 95 Vcc 12 Vcc
Voltage absorption nominal 240 mA 1.89 A
Power supply range 85÷105 Vcc 10÷14 Vcc
Working temperature -25 ÷ 70 °C -25 ÷ 70 °C
Size 185.6x173.6x53 mm 185.6x173.6x53 mm
Light unit weight Less than 300g Less than 300g
MTBF > 400.000 h > 400.000 h
λ Dominant nom 615nm 615nm
Chromatic co-ordinates 0.290 < y < 0.320
0.980 < x + y <1
0.290 < y < 0.320
0.980 < x + y <1
Light intensity on the light axis 100 cd minimum 150 cd minimum
Light band opening angle ± 15° ± 15°
Ghost effect < 80cd < 80cd
Gruppo ottico Codice ECM 99003360 99003128
FS Cat/prog light unitl 842/504 8042/505
Rectangular HC91 housing complete with BackgroundPlate, Visor and Lens FS Cat/prog 842/503