Led Signals

Single aspect searchlight signals


The single aspect searchlight signals for overseas signalling systems (G_SAF) using LED technology are able to provide a light beam from a 19 LEDs in compliance with luminosity and chromaticity requirements. These signals can also be installed in existing signal housings.

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The signal consists of an LED matrix, optical unit (SAF) and power control unit (ASAF).

The key component of this signal consists of a LED matrix. In order to guarantee the correct beam and intensity of the signal aspect each light source has its own collimating optics.

Each aperture can provide the driver with a single steady aspect (red or yellow or green) depending on the type of LEDs used. The signal apertures can be placed one on top of the other on the same signal post or adjacent posts or gantries.

There are three types of G_SAF:

  • GSAF_R for red aspect
  • GSAF_G projects for yellow aspect
  • GSAF_V project for green aspect

Compared to conventional halogen lamp signals, LED main signals provide enormous advantages such as better visibility thanks to the improved colour definition and a high reliability due to an increased light source availability. In addition there is no phantom effect due to the absence of dichroic mirrors or coloured lenses.

Power supply 12 Vac +/- 10% 50Hz
Operating temperature -40 ° C ÷ 70 °C
View of signal without cap Segnali Led - Sip
Weight of the complete signal 8.5 Kg approximatily
MTBF > 200.000 h
Colour emitted RED or YELLOW or GREEN Class 1 UNI 9296
Class C BS1376
Light intensity on the axis for each colour 1500 cd