Led Signals

DEV 25Kv: blue point end indicatori in 25Kv areas



Segnali LED: DEV, Segnale blu per deviatoio in ambiente 25kV

The signal provides the driver of a train with information about the correct position of the points along a route during degraded mode of operation.

The signal is installed next to each remotely controlled point machine. When the signal is lit the driver does not have to stop the train and control the correct position of the points and to make sure that these are locked into position. The signal is provided with an interface circuit for the power supply of the optical unit that is realised with a safety architecture (SIL4). In this way the system is protected against false lighting of the signal due to induced voltages from the 25KV ac (50Hz) traction system.

The use and characteristics of the blue signal for 3kV areas are prescribed by article .69 section D of the Signalling Code.

Signal power supply voltage 127.5Vac ÷ 165Vac
Nominal voltage on the signal 150Vac/365Hz
Nominal power < 20W
Dielectric strength > 2000V, 50Hz
Isolation resistance > 10 Mohm
Working temperature -25 ÷ 70 °C
Signal sizes 800 (width) x 330 (lun) x 240 (h) mm
Weight of the complete signal 4.2kg
MTBF > 100.000 h
Colour emitted Dominant wavelength:
minimum=465nm; maximum=475nm.
Light intensity on the axis 12cd ÷ 24cd