Led Signals

Accumulated High RS: three aspects led high signal RS type with accumulated lighting and position control



Segnali LED: Alto RS Cumulato, segnale alto a LED 3 aspetti tipo RS a controllo cumulato di illuminazione e posizione

This three aspect LED searchlight with position and brightness control has been designed to be used in railway signalling schemes where the interlocking circuitry has been designed in accordance with S.Se3a, S.Se4a, S.Se5a, S.Se6a standards, in systems where the control of the signal is performed by disc relays. The product can be used for main signals (approach departure or warning signals), and is capable of providing three different coloured light beams from one aperture and can be used with the existing halogen lamp signal housing.

It is very similar to existing systems in use and consists of a power supply unit (GACS-RSVC), and an Optical Unit (GOCS-RS) which replaces the relay interface. The use of this product requires the use of the URRC module. The GACS RSVC acquires the operating voltage and, depending on the polarity, it determines which aspect to be lit. In addition to producing a light beam in accordance with the specific luminosity and chromaticity characteristics, the GOCS-RS module also checks integrity of the light source (optical feedback) and whenever there is an abnormality it generates an alarm (cancel relay disk drive) to the interlocking system without affecting the signal aspect. Compared to the electromechanical system currently in use, all possible combinations of signal aspects can be realised with a single GACS RSVC + GOCS-RS assembly.

In terms of power supply and control circuits, the product is compatible with all types of disk relays currently in use on most signalling schemes, and can be used with static and electro-mechanical flasher units.

Signal power supply voltage 127.5Vac – 165Vac
Working temperature -25 ÷ 70 °C
Nominal absorption 160mA – 200mA
Signal composition GACS-RSVC
Segnali LED: GACS

Segnali LED: GOCS

Segnali LED: GOCS
Weight of the complete signal GOCS-RS less than 6kg
GACS-RSVC less than 4kg
MTBF > 200.000 h
Colour emitted RED: Class 1 standard UNI 9296
YELLOW: Class 1 standard UNI 9296
GREEN: Class 1 standard UNI 9296
Light intensity on axis
(Diffuser O IS 265)
RED: 600cd ÷ 1200cd
YELLOW: 2000cd ÷ 3600cd
GREEN: 1500cd ÷ 2400cd
Diffuser Light requirements conform to RFI specifications with earthing rod to standard IS 265
Housing 825/460, 825/462. Currently in use
Terminal board 8 poles currently in use
Safety SIL 4 in compliance with EN 50129