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UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

uninterruptible power supply - ups


Prodotti ECM: UPS, centraline statiche senza soluzione di continuità

Static UPS control units, the cornerstone of ECM Power Systems, receive energy from the mains supply or, under certain conditions,, from emergency generators and provide uninterruptible power supply by drawing power from continuous charged batteries.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of the waveform generated, which is exceptionally high in terms of static stability and voltage dynamics, low distortion and power factor tolerance.

The use of the most modern technology applied to components such as IGBT, special magnetic parts, microprocessors, etc. have brought remarkable results in terms of versatility, efficiency and reliability. The range of power covered is from a few kVA to several tens of kVA in the mono phase output version, and up to several hundreds kVA in the 3-phase output version.

All ECM static UPS units come equipped with the circuitry needed to be used in redundant configuration, if necessary.