Power Supply

OVP: over voltage protection system



The railway environment is particularly susceptible to the phenomena of direct or induced voltage surges, due to natural causes or not. The range of surge suppressors produced by ECM, designed in accordance with requirements, load and operating voltages, are able to resolve this problem and ensure effective protection of railway signalling equipment.

Prodotti ECM: Quadri Modulari

It is well known that the phenomenon of lightning is caused by ionised charges that are produced between clouds and the earth. In this case extensive areas are generated with high voltage gradients which, for the railway signalling environment, are distributed to the surrounding area through the network consisting of the railway tracks.

It is therefore necessary to adopt methods in order to increase the surge immunity of the signalling equipment. Whenever possible the use of suppressors, together with the use of robust galvanic isolation barriers, drastically reduces the series of faults related to such events like lightning.